The key to your in-house data/voice/video network reliability is the cabling infrastructure. TTP's expertise, attention to detail, and quality of work is readily apparent when you look at and use any of our ISP cable installations. Our technicians are trained to do things right the first time so that your network is taken for granted, and you never need to worry about it. Whether you require the installation of one voice/data/video drop, the installation of multiple drops in an office or even a campus environment, or the build out of a data center, TTP has the experience and expertise to do it.

* Design / Build
* Mission Critical Data Centers
* Telecommunication closets, desktop user drops
* Main distribution frames, intermediate distribution frames
* Moves, Adds Changes (MAC's)
* Break-fix, maintenance, and repair services
* Copper (CAT6 and CAT6A)
* Fiber (single mode, multimode: SC, ST, LC connectors)
* Coaxial (RG-6, RG-59)
* Backbone and horizontal cabling
* Protected distribution systems (PDS)
* CCTV, access control, security system cabling
* Plenum and Non-plenum
* Shielded and unshielded
* Pathways including conduit, cable tray, J-hooks
* Demolition of old/unused cable
* Equipment rack and stack
* Compliance with applicable standards including NEC, EIA/TIA, BICSI,
manufacturer guidance, and federal/state/local regulations and codes



Providing connectivity between two or more buildings allows businesses to keep communications flowing. This connectivity must be designed and implemented with security, redundancy, versatility, and expandability in mind. TTP has the assets and resources to be your single source provider for any and all of your OSP needs. From an RCDD/OSP specialist on staff to our OSP crews and equipment, TTP is able to design/build/construct the OSP infrastructure you need.

* Design/build
* Engineering
* Right-of-way acquisition
* Pathway proofing
* Pathway construction – trenching, conduit installation, 
maintenance hole and hand hole placement
* Aerial construction
* Direct bury systems
* Directional drilling
* Maxcell installation
* Fiber and copper installation
* Fiber and copper splicing and termination
* Confined spaces program