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* Fixed Camera

* Pan Tilt Zoom(PTZ) Cameras

* Analog Cameras

* IP Cameras

* Inside and Outside Solutions

* Remote Monitoring

* Headend Equipment

* Digital Video Recorders

* Network Video Recorders

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Camera Security Systems

There are three reasons for a camera security system – personal identification, action identification, and scene identification. This identification can be done in real time via a manned system or after an event has happened for forensic reasons. In order to gather the information you need, you must have a camera system design that optimizes the information gathering process and melds with your overall security program. TTP has the experience to design and then install a camera system that will satisfy your needs.

Access Control Systems

An access control system is much more than just a method to provide or deny access. It can also be used as an information system that allows you to audit time and attendance. Through a robust software management system, you can control access to sensitive areas, provide a safe work environment, and avoid re-keying locks when an employee leaves your company. TTP can design and install a system that will meet your needs.

Business Phone Systems

Even in this age of increasing use of cell phones, your business telephone system is still a necessary tool to communicate with your customers and vendors. While many companies upgrade their computer systems every two to five years, they generally ignore their phone system until it stops working. TTP can assess your current system and your current requirements to make sure that your current system matches your needs and will continue to do so in the future. If not, we can recommend a system that will allow you to have confidence that this important piece of your overall communication network remains as a viable and valuable business tool.